Stop wasting your startup money
on aimless activities.
Get clarity with growth workshops.

  • 4 workshops held by experienced marketers
  • Get actionable insights in just 4-6 hours
  • Personalised to your startup stage, industry and needs
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Why workshops?

It is fast, brief and on point
Not here to waste your time
Get actionable steps no Bullshit

Who is it for?

Founders and Entrepreneurs
Product Managers and ProductMM
Marketing Managers

How will it happen?

4-6 hours depending on your needs
Online and Offline
Personalised to your business

Choose between 4 workshops

Go-To-Market strategy workshop

  • Get your strategy for your product launch.
  • Receive crucial tools and frameworks for your GTM.
  • Join a hands-on workshop.
  • Learn what to prioritize before launching.

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Product-Led Growth workshop

  • Make your product sell itself.
  • Learn how to attract customers and retain them.
  • Lower your Customer Acquisition Costs with PLG.
  • Participate in hands-on exercises to develop your PLG.
  • Make the transformation from Sales-Led to PLG.

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Growth Hacking workshop

  • Learn the Growth mindset.
  • Conduct growth experiments efficiently.
  • Improve your marketing skills.
  • Build data-driven technical skills.
  • Master the art of A/B testing

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Jobs-To-Be-Done workshop

  • Understand the theory of JTBD.
  • Understand what your customer need.
  • Put the theory into practice.
  • Customer interviews conducted correctly.
  • Learn how to interpret critical qualitative data.

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Go-To-Market Workshop

Prepare your startup for launch

– Get a fast and complete picture of everything that you need to prepare for your launch.

– We will cover product-market fit, customer discovery, competitors, market strategy,

external marketing plan, and more.

– Be guided step-by-step through a tried and tested process.

– Design an MVS (minimum viable strategy) together with the experts.

– For founders and marketing managers of early-stage startups or companies that want to launch a new product.

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Product-Led Growth Workshop

Make Your Product Sell Itself

– In the Product-Led Growth workshop, we work together to figure out whether your product can sell itself.

– This innovative way of presenting your product to your customers will revolutionize the way you are selling your product.

– Find out how to enable customers to see the value of your product before they make their decision to purchase.

Master your onboarding to win product advocates and retain your ideal customers.

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Growth Hacking Workshop

Become Data-Driven Marketer

– With the Growth Hacking workshop, you will learn how to drive growth for your company.

– Growth Hacking skills are an essential part of every marketing team, especially with today’s software product and large amounts of data.

– Learn how to rely on data to drive scientific decision making for your company.

– Change your mindset on how to look at your marketing strategy.

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Jobs-To-Be-Done Workshop

Find Your Ideal Customer

– With the Jobs-To-Be-Done workshop, you will be able to extract valuable information from your customers.

– Run customer interviews, ask the right questions to discover their customer needs.

Drive marketing content based on customers emotions.

– Find out what are the pain points of your customers, to build a better product for your customers.

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The GTM workshop was great!
Andra gave us so much valuable information on what we should do before we launch our new product to the market, including how to find the right price and how to build the right personas for our product.

KonstantinCEO, Playful Solutions

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Holistic Traction Specialists

I created Holistic Traction with the purpose of helping founders of early-stage companies & ideas find traction and build a solid growth foundation for their services or products. I have 7 years of experience in startups, digital marketing agencies and growth hacking companies and this is my passion. Linkedin Page

I aspire to bring ideas into actions, find the right strategies for executions while using data-driven methods.
My field of expertise includes the lean startup methodology, customer discovery, onboarding, website audits, conversation optimizations and much more. LinkedIn Page

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