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The Product-Led Workshop

The First and ONLY PLG workshop in Austria

Our Face-to-Face workshop on PLG practices will help you drive meaningful results.

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July 28, 2020

Who Should Attend?

Product Marketers

You want to acquire new registers and convert them into paying customers. Address the right audience with the right tools and frameworks.

Product Managers

You want to get more people to try your essential product features, and you wish to understand what they want to achieve with your product.

Founders & Executives

You want to increase your customer base, product adoption, MRR and revenue.
You are thinking long-run effects and wish to invest the time.

Your dedicated

Holistic Traction Specialist

I created Holistic Traction with the purpose of helping founders of early-stage companies & ideas find traction and build a solid growth foundation for their services or products. I have 7 years of experience in startups, digital marketing agencies and growth hacking companies and this is my passion.

The holistic approach I apply, considers your whole funnel (see next page) as one interconnected entity. This strategy will help you be more efficient with your time and money and always consider the big picture. By working together with your team, I will link all customer touch points to create a more cohesive brand message. (Linkedin Page). Are you ready?

My passion for growth



The Product-Led Growth workshop is here to teach you the best PLG practices and avoid the common mistakes SaaS companies are making.

  • This training is for folks who want to make a difference in their company with product adoption, increase revenue and reduce churn in their product.
  • Learn hands-on which experimentations you should start with to drive substantial results.
  • BEWARE, attending this workshop may bring you the best product ideas in your company, your colleagues will be amazed.
Why This Workshop?
  • Here you will get practical examples.
  • You will get experiments to start with your SaaS.
  • You get the stage to present your SaaS and have extra eyes on your strategy.
Why Now?
  • Best time to revise your product strategy.
  • This is your time to take control.
  • Refresh your old ideas.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • How can I optimize my product so people understand the value it provides?
  • Why am I not getting enough registrations/signups???
  • Why is my CAC so high?
  • What the hell is Product Led Growth?

Practice makes perfect:

  • We will analyse your product together with you
  • You?ll have exercises to find your clear path to the product value
  • Eliminate distractions from your product on-boarding
  • How to ask your customers the right question to lead to better product features
  • Create product Bumpers

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to do the transformation to PLG
  • Find your value metric
  • Decrease your product time to value
  • Plan a converting user on-boarding
  • Learn about Free trial vs Fremium?

Sorry, you?re not my first!


?In my past 8 years of agency life I?ve never seen a person as dedicated as Andra to the achievement of her clients? goals. Failing a goal was never an option.? – Theresa Z?chmeister, CGO


?Andra helped us grow more in weeks than we have in years. She got us to a 20% month on month growth in user acquisition and activation and now we do the same for revenue.? – Sergiu Ardelean, founder and CEO?

Robo Wunderkind

?Andra rolled up her sleeves and brought many brilliant, out of the box ideas for increasing pre-orders right after our Kickstarter phase.? – Anna Iarotska, founder and CEO?

How will the workshop look like

Wanna smile like this after 4.5 hours?


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