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Unleash Your Business Traction

  • Find your main goal (North Star Metric)
  • Get your first customers
  • Find what channels convert the best
  • Data-driven go-to-market strategy

*Instead of one time hacks, every part of your customer journey is being analyzed and considered for a full-growth strategy.

Your dedicated

Holistic Traction Specialist

I created Holistic Traction with the purpose of helping founders of early-stage companies & ideas find traction and build a solid growth foundation for their services or products. I have 7 years of experience in startups, digital marketing agencies and growth hacking companies and this is my passion.

The holistic approach I apply, considers your whole funnel (see next page) as one interconnected entity. This strategy will help you be more efficient with your time and money and always consider the big picture. By working together with your team, I will link all customer touch points to create a more cohesive brand message. (Linkedin Page). Are you ready?

My passion for growth


Prepare for growth, matey!


How do people become aware of your seed?


How do you raise further interest?


Do they have a fantastic experience with you?


But do they actually stick around?


Does your company bear fruit?


Do they tell everyone in the neighbourhood about you?

Just listen...

to Your Data

By patiently listening to your potential customers and observing the hidden clues in your data, I’ll awaken a full-funnel growth plan that is both grounded in a holistic strategy, but also rich with new creative tactics on different channels. I’ll focus my energies on one thing only: growing your startup.

The process of

Failing 75% of Experiments

The scientific method I developed involves making hypotheses and then carrying out experiments based on those predictions. It’s about designing minimum viable growth tests to obtain actionable, statistically significant learnings without burning through your budget. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, says “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month.”

Holistic Traction Process

Real in-depth analysis. Rock-solid, full-funnel strategy, and a kickass testing plan!

Data Analysis

*Qualitative and quantitative analysis * Competitive Research * Customer Journey * Channel Analysis * Product-Market-Fit


* Holistic Traction Strategy * Experiment Backlog * Testing Plan*


* Rapid Idea Testing * Learning and Failing * Sustainable Growth Process *


Are you ready for real growth?

Sorry, you’re not my first!

Social proof increases your conversion rate


“In my past 8 years of agency life I’ve never seen a person as dedicated as Andra to the achievement of her clients? goals. Failing a goal was never an option” – Theresa Zöchmeister, CGO


“Andra helped us grow more in weeks than we have in years. She got us to a 20% month on month growth in user acquisition and activation and now we do the same for revenue.” – Sergiu Ardelean, founder and CEO

Robo Wunderkind

“Andra rolled up her sleeves and brought many brilliant, out of the box ideas for increasing pre-orders right after our Kickstarter phase.” – Anna Iarotska, founder and CEO

My playground

Some Tools

that I love and use

Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Funnelytics, SemRush, Unbounce, Active Campaign, Woodpecker, Appcues, Linked Helper, Hunter, Typeform, Zapier, Hubspot, Landbot, Upviral, Product Hunt, Buzzstream, Upfluence etc

Some channels

to experiment on

Influencer marketing, Community marketing, Conversational marketing, PR, Events, Paid Ads, Email marketing, Content Marketing, Partnerships, Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing etc

The Strategy

Come in excited and with a thousand questions and leave with a complete growth plan and a clear testing strategy in one month. Best fit for early-stage startups. And later-stage. And all stage startups.

See what it includes

* Review your marketing strategy + data
* Customers journey research + PMF survey
* Competitors analysis
* Current conversion funnel analysis
* SEO and UX analysis
* North Star Metric
* 3 channels to experiment on + OKR goals
* Experiment backlog
* Testing strategy

The Workshop

A 4-hour workshop teaching you everything I know (no Dropbox and Airbnb bs). Just valuable down-to-earth lessons – in person or remote. And then trying to upsell you. Best fit for everyone who wants to kick-ass on their own.

See what it includes

* Hacks vs. Holistic Growth Method
* How to establish product-market-fit
* How to listen to your data
* How to set up your North Star metric
* Traction channels overview
* How to create OKRs for growth
* Set up your first experiment backlog
* Methodology for experiment design

From € 680

The Monthly Plan

From designing and implementing experiments to managing your campaigns, this covers it all. The sky is the limit… if you have money they say. Best fit for everyone with a media budget (The Strategy package is a prerequisite).?

See what it includes

* Analysis and Strategy (see first package)
* Design experiments
* Set up campaigns
* Gather learnings and results

Monthly Retainer